L'Orangerie à la carte

All dishes are expertly crafted by our chefs and change each season to represent the fresh, local products available

Our Starters

‘Perfect’ Poached Egg’   19€ With sweet cumin onions, celery & Parmigiano Reggiano

Breton Langoustine  31€ With creamy red chicory risotto & orange reduction        

Duck Fois Gras   27€ Stuffed with hazelnuts from Grenoble, & served with a jumble of apples, pears and gingerbread

Wild Boar Terrine   21€ With pickled vegetable & Vermouth reduction

Our Mains

Spinach & Ricotta Strangolapreti   19€

With fondant Beaufort & truffle sauce

Pike-Perch Filet   27€

With artichoke thistle stems, mustard seeds  & regional condiments from Grenoble

Fresh Scallops   29€With creamed celery stems, lemon & hazelnut butter

Slow Cooked Veal Shank   27€ Cooked for 24 hours, served with pureed buttered apple, pak choi in tempura batter, cider and orange juice

Deer Rump   29€ Slow cooked & served with red currant gnocchi, textured cervil & Cumberland

Our Cheeses


A selection of fine regional cheese

11 €


Fromage blanc


Our Desserts


Vanilla Lychee

Thin, crispy vanilla leaves, lychee & Voatsiperiferv pear

Timut Pepper MousseWith mint sauce, caramel & calamondin cider

Banana & ParsleyWith black tea infusion & peanut pesto


Grapefruit & Sweet Nuts