Our Hotel is certified with the Tourism and Disabled certificate

This certificate shows our commitment to allow access to our establisment and services for as many individuals as possible. With this certificate, we wish to ensure independence for people with disabilities to freely choose their own holiday. This in turn guarantees a genuine welcome and an enjoyable stay.

We guarantee:

  • that 3 rooms are easily accessible for those persons with limited mobility
  • that one room on the ground floor is reserved specially for those with limited mobility
  • ease of access for all to château rooms, due, in particular, to the lift
  • spacious rooms to easily move around
  • walk in showers in some rooms

Our staff are experienced in welcoming guests with disabilities, prioritising their needs. In this way, we take into account and adapt to the needs of mobility, visual, auditory and mental disabilities.

Additionally, you will find a pratical and tourist guide of the City for people with specific needs on the Chambery OT website. Please don’t hesitate to ask for help from our team, they will all be happy to help.